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Professor's Choice is the Best Super Green Soap Available. Try it Today to Experience the Difference!


At Professor's Choice, we want to ensure that you have a better shower each and every day. That's why our Soap Products are designed to keep you smelling great throughout the day, while also providing improved hygiene through our natural product. Professor's Choice is environmentally friendly, so you can feel safe knowing that you're getting a product that has no harsh chemicals or dyes. From working a 12 hour shift to a post-jog shower, Professor's Choice will have you clean and ready to go in no time!

If you participate in any type of sport or fitness activity, Professor's Choice is your go-to product to combat all types of bacteria that you'd run across. Whether it be common bacteria found on cleats, the ball, or mats, Professor's Choice can wash it all away to help keep you not only clean, but safe. For example:


All types of bacteria grows when participating in soccer. Whether it be from contact directly from another players sweat, or from the ball itself, germs can be transferred from one person or object to another. Professor's Choice can fight through the bacteria to make worrying about cleanliness a thing of the past.


There's obviously a ton of contact in football, from blocking and tackling to handing the ball off. Through this contact, bacteria and germs can and will be passed along. Don't fumble your best option of staying clean! Professor's Choice will not only help you stay as clean as possible during the game, it will also battle the grime the game itself will produce.

Martial Arts

From rolling around on mats to one-on-one combat, there's plenty of germs to go around in the martial arts industry. Professor's Choice was developed by a BJJ professor who knows what will be thrown your way. Professor's Choice is the top option for getting clean and fighting away bacteria on and off the mats.

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Refund Policy: We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our products. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase upon return of any unused product within 7 days of receipt.


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