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Professor's Choice

Stay Clean, Southgate!

Created right here in Southgate, Professor's Choice is the best sports skincare product on the market. From soaps to lotions to body gels, our product is proven to help keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Whether you've had a long day at work or just got back from a workout, one shower with Professor's Choice will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Not only does it smell great, it's also environmentally friendly with no parabens or dyes. If you want to smell great after a long day at work or a workout at the gym, look no further than Professor's Choice.



Our Expert Team

Our expert staff has crafted a product to help keep you and your family clean and smelling great throughout the day!


Our Core Values

We value every hard working individual, and know that smelling great after hard work is important too. Professor's Choice is here to provide you with a solution!


Our Mission

We are committed to providing innovative products that will help you in your every day life.


Our Promise

We promise to provide you with excellent customer service and with a product that works.

Our Products

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Created By A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Great product! I've tried similar brands and this is the only one that has not dried out my skin. Pleasant scent as well! ....Read more

Justin Caudill

This soap is very good for athletes cleans off all bacteria and sweat which helps prevent you from getting any viruses.I would definitely recommend Professors Choice. ....Read more

Farris Abuwandi

This stuff is incredible!! All natural and made my skin feel and smell unbelievable. Nothing artificial! Highly recommend. ....Read more

Omar Abdrabboh

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